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Android Safety Photo

      Java program for surveillance using an Android smartphone. Webcam with FTP access to the photo storage.
      The Rescue PHOTO app can be used to monitor the car park. Place your smartphone with the app in a special holder with a suction cup. Attach the holder to the glass of the window. Connect the smartphone with USB cable to the power supply unit plugged into an electrical outlet.
      The smartphone can be placed on the windowsill. Attach the suction cup holder to the bottom of your usual small glass or ceramic plate and place it on the windowsill.
      If the power system is not reliable, use a standard UPS. You can think of many options.
      The smartphone with the application can be installed in the car. The mounting scheme is usual - a bracket on a suction cup. In this case, a different power supply scheme is used. For power supply, use the cigarette lighter socket. It provides current power. You will need an adapter for USB.
      The battery of a standart car can keep a smartphone running for several weeks.
      The app does not provide the user with options to customize the photo. All settings must be done in the standard smartphone camera application.
      The app has a separate button with which you can make a dark screen to save energy. To attract even less attention, you can use your smartphone in a case.
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      You can use the web page with HTML and Java Script code. Such a web page can be hosted on any hosting. Or use the PHP web page and get more information. But then your free or paid hosting must support PHP.
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      The application has complex Java code. The source code spans several pages. Source codes of application modules are available on GitHub.

      Android 10 Supported
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Android Rescue Photo

Android phones safety system - Rescue PHOTO version 0.00 (technical release). (c) by Valery V Shmeleff
Android Safety System