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    Create Project EXE and Form1, its size being 2,7155,745. A Frame element is to be placed at the Form, while elements Label1 Label55 are to be placed at the Frame element, where Label1 Label6 is a Level column, Label 7 Label 46 are nominal playing area cells, Label 47-48 present control footing information. A lower color indicator is formed by Label 49-Label 55...


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  Visual Basic tutorial in Word Office 2003 format (in ZIP)

      This Ebook. Free User Tutorial - How to make a new logic game on Visual BASIC - training guide for beginners users. Guidelines for programmers in VB 6.0 for new logical game programming. The ebook includes rules of the game, step-by-step programming process description in Word and EXE e-book formats, screenshots and 9 complete VB-projects (listings for each development step). Download HERE
      Next Ebook: Simple graphic design for your web site: In many stipulations, all the web site you need is just simple code and nice appearance, well indexed with the external search engines. You can use ready web site templates: just download them from the Web and do some content editing. Or you can also use this web design manual to create your own unique appearance. [
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Free Visual Basic, Java, Delphi ebook download. Free handmade board game on paper.
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