Free hand made game on paper - Oflameron.
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About Table game "Oflameron"

Handmade paper games - learn ENGLISH
    The table to the game you can create in Word, Excel or marivoet on a piece of paper for 10 minutes.
    Playing cubes can take, standard values of the parties 1-6. The cubes should be red and blue.

    Good playing cubes, you can glue paper, if necessary
    Game "Oflameron" you can use to learn many foreign languages. You only need to replace in the table the letters of the alphabet.
    The playing field for "Oflameron" is so compact that it can always be with you. The table on the paper will fit in the envelope, book, magazine.
    All elements of the game "Oflameron" can be used free of charge for personal purposes and in the educational process. Game "Oflameron" can be easily adapted for mobile devices on Android or iOS
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     Free hand made board game on paper.
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Free handmade board game on paper. Free board game. How to make with your own hands. Free ebook





Free ebook