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About Table game "Oflameron"

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    Board game Oflameron for the vocabulary skills of
English language. For the game requires two colored dice cube with sides 1-6 (in this example, red and blue cube). The number of scores shown by the blue die is a vertical coordinate of the cell. The number of scores shown by the red die is a horizontal coordinate of the cell in the playing field "Oflameron".

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    Players roll all the dice and write the letters of the English alphabet. Who will be the first to make the translations of the word in Russian, and he won.
    Board game "Oflameron" can be used to study other foreign languages, replacing (if necessary) the letters of the alphabet. Please note that on the playing field 36 cells, which is greater than the number of letters in the English language.
    This option allows you to create games for the little ones (or naughty) children. For this purpose we replace some duplicate letters on the prize denominations - candy, a coin and a Joker (a gift)
    Here J - Joker, any small gift, icon, toy, sticker, etc. M - coin, if you use that promotion. It can be both real and toy money.
    When a player gets a candy coin or the Joker, he receives the gift. This greatly increases the interest in learning the game because you can win quite a lot. You can think of other prizes to make their drawings and insert into table cells.
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Valery V Shmeleff

     Free hand made board game on paper.
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