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About Table game "Oflameron"

Handmade paper games - learn ENGLISH
    Game "Oflameron" easily adapted to study English (foreign language) - this is a great way to teach children from 6 years and older.
    Option for building a vocabulary of English words can be done very simply. Download the game form in the Word editor and change the values of cells on the letters of the English alphabet.

    Players give the English translation (foreign) words. Players must throw two dice cube (in this case red and blue) - which determine the coordinates of the cell in the table. Points that fell on a blue cube is the vertical coordinate on the red cube is the horizontal coordinate.
    Throwing the dice players "collect" English letters and the player who can make the word "collected" letters won.
    This game is designed for children from 6 years. For older children you can specify multiple words or a phrase.
    Despite the simplicity of the method vocabulary skills it is very effective - words hardly have to learn again.
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    Game "Oflameron" can be easily adapted to
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     Free hand made board game on paper.
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