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Rescue Photo Software

Safety Photo Service

      Java program for surveillance using an Android smartphone. Webcam with FTP access to the photo storage.
      The main version of the program   Rescue PHOTO   downloads photos according to a specified schedule. Special versions of the program can take photos on request. The program responds to SMS with the code that you installed yourself, takes a picture and uploads it to the WEB server.
      You can choose any version of the program, download and use it for free.
      If you need special functions of the program, they can be created, if they do not contradict the legislation.
      The source codes of the basic version of the program are published on the Internet.
      The program has technical support. For example, if you cannot register a free website to upload photos there, we can send you a detailed guide and screenshots for the hosting you have chosen.
      If the FTP setup is too difficult for you, we will send you an example of how to do it. You only use your parameters.
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      You can use the web page with HTML and Java Script code. Such a web page can be hosted on any hosting. Or use the PHP web page and get more information. But then your free or paid hosting must support PHP.
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The "Rescue Photo" program is still under development. A test version 0.0 for Android 10 will be available soon.

      Freeware is software, most often proprietary, that is distributed at no monetary cost to the end user. There is no agreed-upon set of rights, license, or EULA that defines freeware unambiguously; every publisher defines its own rules for the freeware it offers. Unlike with free and open-source software, which are also often distributed free of charge, the source code for freeware is not made available.

      Android 10 Supported

Rescue Photo

Android phones safety system - Rescue PHOTO version 0.00 (technical release). (c) by Valery V Shmeleff
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