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      Java program for surveillance using an Android smartphone. Webcam with FTP access to the photo storage.
      If an Android smartphone with the   Version 0.0   application is mounted in a car, you will receive pictures of the road along which the car passed. If the car is parked for a long time, you get a new vantage point.
      No special settings are required for use in the car, only reliable access to the mobile Internet is required
      When used in a car, an emergency shooting mode is available. You can press the dedicated MAKE PHOTO button, take a picture and start uploading to the web server.
      The question may arise - why the images are uploaded to the web server. Registering a web server is an additional task for the user. In fact, there are not so many ways to send a picture to a user - SMS, mail, client-server system.
      If you attach pictures to SMS messages, then you will have only one device for viewing images - the one that received the SMS message.
      To send pictures by mail, you need a mail client and set up access to your mail service. This makes your passwords and logins vulnerable.
      Uploading to a webserver is the most flexible option. You register a FREE website. You can change it as many times as you like. You can view pictures with any browser from any device. Pictures can be viewed simultaneously by several people.
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      You can use the web page with HTML and Java Script code. Such a web page can be hosted on any hosting. Or use the PHP web page and get more information. But then your free or paid hosting must support PHP.
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      Source codes of application modules are available on GitHub.

      Android 10 Supported

Rescue Photo

Android phones safety system - Rescue PHOTO version 0.00 (technical release). (c) by Valery V Shmeleff
Android Safety System