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Rescue Photo Software

Android Safety Photo System

      Java program for surveillance using an Android smartphone. Webcam with FTP access to the photo storage.
      The Rescue PHOTO application is a webcam on an Android smartphone with uploading photos to a web server using FTP protocol.
      The application is designed to solve the problem of creating a simple and cheap system for monitoring your property using outdated or damaged (garbage)   Android 10   smartphones.
index.htm - main page and download
dnl0001.htm - about Rescue PHOTO
dnl0002.htm - application in a car
dnl0003.htm - monitor the car park
dnl0004.htm - Office desktop control
dnl0005.htm - source code ftpConnect
dnl0006.htm - source code ftpDisconnect
dnl0007.htm - source code Upload file to FTP server
dnl0008.htm - source code Read Resource
dnl0009.htm - source code Write Resource
dnl00010.htm - source code TimerTask class
dnl00012.htm - source code use Timer
      Starting with version 0.0 build 00N122021, the application has additional LOCAL recording mode.
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      This application can be used for free to build any surveillance system, including commercial ones. Compliance with local laws is required. All versions for old smartphones, custom versions and test versions will be available for download continuously.
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      Android 10 Supported

Android Safety system

Android phones safety system - Rescue PHOTO freeware (technical release). (c) by Valery V Shmeleff
Android Safety system